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What is a Work Permit?

A Work Permit is an endorsement or stamp in your passport or travel document which allows you to work in New Zealand. If your Work Permit is granted when you arrive in New Zealand, it is subject to any conditions stated in your Work Visa.

If your Work Permit is granted by one of our branch offices after you arrive in New Zealand, it will state the permit expiry date and the conditions under which you are allowed to work in New Zealand. Conditions can include the type of work you are allowed to do, the employer you may work for, and the location in New Zealand where you may work.

When can I apply?

Generally, you need to apply before you leave your home country. However if you’re from Canada, the Netherlands, Malaysia or Singapore you can apply in New Zealand, provided:

* you currently hold a student or visitor permit
* you have been in New Zealand for 12 months or less
* you meet the working holiday scheme requirements for your country.

Cost of living in New Zealand

This is a really important question for you now that you’re seriously thinking about New Zealand. Kiwis enjoy a more casual lifestyle than many other countries, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive either.
Costs vary depending on where you live, what you earn, and your lifestyle.

The cost of living varies especially between the bigger cities and smaller towns and between north and south. Auckland is a more expensive city but generally the further south you travel the less expensive the cost of living becomes.

The really good news is that living in New Zealand is cheaper than most other developed countries. In a world-wide survey conducted in 2002, New Zealand ranked in the lowest 50 for cost but the highest 30 for quality of life.

Steps to apply for a Working Holiday Scheme Work Visa or Permit

Follow these steps if you wish to apply for a Work Visa or Permit under our Working Holiday Scheme policy.

To help you make sure you have everything you need to apply, please print out our checklist. You should also check if your nearest New Zealand Immigration Service office has any special information about your country’s working holiday scheme.

Step 1:

Complete the Application for a New Zealand Working Holiday (NZIS 1085) form available from New Zealand Immigration offices in New Zealand and overseas.

Note: There may be additional requirements you must meet depending on the country from which you are applying. Any special requirements are available from your local branch.

Step 2:

Along with your completed (and signed) application form you will need to provide:

* details of your arrangements to leave New Zealand after your permit expires
* evidence to show you meet the specific requirements of your country’s working holiday scheme.

Step 3:

You will also need to provide:

* a recent passport size photograph
* a valid passport or travel document
* the application fee.

Plus any other evidence requested by the visa officer.

Step 4:

If you are overseas, your application must be made before you travel to New Zealand. Find out where to send your application.


If you are currently in New Zealand and applying under the Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia or Singapore schemes, you can send your application to any New Zealand Immigration Service branch in New Zealand.


you can apply for one of these schemes at an NZIS office (or diplomatic post) anywhere else in the world.

My checklist...
for Working Holiday
Task Completed
I’ve got an Application for a New Zealand Working Holiday (NZIS 1085) form to complete my application on

I’ve included any specific evidence required by my country’s working holiday scheme

I‘ve included my passport and a recent passport-size photograph

I’ve included the application fee

I’ve signed the form

If I have used an agent or consultant, they have signed the form


Office and fees calculator
Visa Application Receiving Office and fee:

Fee: Working Holiday Scheme
Currency Amount
GBP 50
Equivalent New Zealand Dollars 120
Office: LONDON

Address: New Zealand Immigration Service
NZ House
80 Haymarket
Phone: 09069 100 100 Nation
(207) 973 0370
Office hours:
Hours open to the public:
10am-3:45pm Monday to Friday

Note: For more information about the branch you are sending your application to, please see their branch details.

How long will it take?

The time it will take for us to process your application can vary depending on:

* the requirements of the immigration policy you are applying under
* the completeness of your application
* how easily we can check the information you provide
* how well and how quickly you respond to any concerns we raise with you.

Processing times can also vary between offices. When we accept your application we will either give you a decision or tell you within 14 days how long the processing time is predicted to be.

The amount of verification your application requires can affect the amount of time it takes to process your application. Applications that require the most verification, for example Work Permit or Residence applications, typically take the longest to process.

We may find that you need to provide us with further information before we can make a decision on your application, which will also add to the processing time.

Here are some tips that can help the application process:

Check you’ve got everything

The best way you can help the application process is by including all the information and documentation we require with your application form. Generally speaking, the more information you provide the faster we will be able to make our decision.

The application form will say whether you need to include certified copies, originals or photocopies. You should include appropriate English translations if necessary.

Think ahead

If you are coming to New Zealand on a temporary permit, but there is a chance that you might apply for residence later on, think ahead. Check what documents are required for a residence application and bring them with you (originals or certified copies). It’s easier and quicker than having to go back to your home country to get them later, or asking friends or family to retrieve the documents for you.

Check your passport

Make sure your passport is current and has enough space left for a visa or permit to be added. If you don’t yet have a passport or it is unavailable, you can provide your birth certificate or other identity document. However, assuming your application is successful, you’ll need to have a passport at the time a decision is made on your application so we can place a visa or permit in it.

Don’t leave it till the last minute

If you are already in New Zealand and applying for a further permit, please don’t leave your application until just before your current permit expires. If your permit expires you will have to leave NZ

I've also saved the downloadable application form on my PC - not sure if I can just print it off and use it or if I should ask them to send me one in the post?