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2008-03-28 09:19 pm
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2004-12-12 04:18 pm

Flight research

Have been doing some flight research with Singapore Airlines and Malaysia airlines (will check out others aswell but those were recommended to me). But for some reason it's not letting me input a 2006 return date!!

Or am I doing something wrong? Am I completely stupid???

This is v confusing...

Oh and I just read on a forum that it's cheaper to fly between 15th April and 30th June. Interesting.

Am also a bit unsure as to what to do first - book flight or apply for a visa? I mean what if I get turned down for a visa and I've booked the flight? But then I thought you needed to have the flights booked first before you applied for a visa?!


Oh I think I'll have a lot of these random entries - I'm just trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing. Bear with me :p